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The W Hotel

Dustin Courtright joined the W Austin staff when the hotel opened in 2010 as one of the original bartenders. With over a decade of experience behind the bar, Dustin eventually worked his way up to Libationist where he not only helps to craft the innovative cocktail list, but is also the face of the popular Living Room Bars, which consistently top the city’s alcohol sales month after month.

Interacting with a mix of visitors and locals, Dustin notes his passion for serving a diverse clientele, much like the Living Room bars themselves, each with a different look and feel, yet all coming together to create a unique chemistry. 

When he’s not behind the bar, Dustin enjoys gardening and homebrewing in addition to spending time with his daughter and wife. 





Half Step

Cameron Scott lives in Texas but is a California boy at heart: born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After moving to Washington state, he cut his teeth in the bar and restaurant industry.  No floor, plate, seat, or guest was left untouched by his commitment to hospitality.  Now, a proud Austinite, you can find him behind the bar at Half Step slinging some of the best cocktails in town.  From bourbon to tequila to r(h)um, he has you covered.





Natalie Read was an active member of the team that opened up Backbeat, the mid-century styled Austin cocktail bar. She quickly worked her way up to Manager and now creates new drinks and menus for the team on a seasonal basis. She uses her skills and her experiences that she learned in Ohio, Chicago, and Kansas to perfectly craft a cocktail for everyone who walks in the door. While a master behind the bar, Read has a passion for high quality produce and a heart for being an active member in her community. During her time in both Ohio and Chicago, Read worked at non-profits that provided fresh market baskets at bargain prices to low income families and taught English to refugees and immigrants.